2018 Match Dates Have Been Set!

April 22 - May 27 - June 24 - July 22 - August 26 - September 23 - October 28

August 2015 Stages

See attached. Hope to see you all on Sunday.


Pat "Shamrock" Gannon


  • I was afraid that those influential Dickweed brothers would hang with Moohamid one day to form the Isass of terror.MOOHAMID DICKWEEDs I say up against the wall.
  • shamrockshamrock Not Enough Free Time
    I just checked the weather for Winnebago IL - Looks like it will clear off by 9:00 AM. So the match is a go!


    Pat "Shamrock" Gannon
  • Thanks Shamrock! See you there!
  • UglyUgly Gunfighter With Way too Much Free Time
    I'm on my way; can always get breakfast if rain continues too hard.
  • That was fun!
  • Great stages!

    Thanks Pat

  • Wrangler RichWrangler Rich Bronc Stomper
    Thanks everyone for coming out and enjoying a great day!

    Pat, I loved the Texas Chainsaw!
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