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ISRA Thursday Bulletin

ISRA Thursday Bulletin - November 19, 2015

[font='Times New Roman']EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE[/font]

I, like most of you, was glued to the television on Friday night watching the story of the Paris attacks unfold in real time. Parisons ran for their lives because there was nothing else they could do. I listened to one person who was hiding in her own apartment hoping her building wouldn't be selected for the next attack. She knew that a locked door was a minor impediment to a terrorist. A person's home is where we all want to feel safe, it's where we relax, sleep, and enjoy our family and friends.

France has draconian gun laws. There is no Second Amendment freedom in France. Except for a handful of wealthy duck hunters, no one owns a gun. I have hosted two French film crews who wanted to shoot a gun. They were both afraid and excited; when they left they were impressed by our Second Amendment freedom. Certain politicians and anti-gun groups want to make the United States like France. Gun control in France stopped attacks, just like everywhere else - not at all.

The ISRA Friday night alert asked if you had a plan. Here are two true stories about one person who didn't have a plan, and one person who did have a plan.

A friend of mine has a very successful son who lives in North Carolina. About nine years ago his neighbor, who owned a large furniture store, was being robbed at the store. He foiled the robbery, wounding one of the assailants. Both of the robbers were sent to prison for eight years. Earlier this year both men were released from prison. They had plenty of time to find out where the business owner lived. This summer there was a knock at the door of the furniture store owner. I'm sure without any thought, the man opened the door and was killed instantly. His wife was sitting on the couch and never even had time to move. They found her murdered still sitting on the couch. This man may have had a plan at work, but did not have a plan at his own home.

In another North Carolina case, a young woman by the name of Semantha Bunce, was attacked in her home. Semantha was in her bedroom nursing her baby when there was a knock at the door. Suddenly, two men broke the door down, probably thinking no one was home. They shot Semantha, wounding her, but she fired back with her own weapon, wounding one man and driving the other intruder off. Both men have been arrested. Semantha is recovering and her baby is fine. Semantha is trained as a combat medic in the North Carolina National Guard. Both she and her husband have been trained. They purchased a handgun for home defense. Semantha and her husband had a plan and executed it. That is why Semantha and her baby are alive. Do you have a plan?

By the way, Semantha Bunce has a lot of medical bills. A friend has established a GoFundMe account to help with her impending expenses, if you care to donate. Just enter Semantha Bunce and the account will come up.

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