2018 Match Dates Have Been Set!

April 22 - May 27 - June 24 - July 22 - August 26 - September 23 - October 28

This is three gun?

[font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][font=times new roman', times, serif]With Breech Gun and Flash Bang, the AR platform is almost longer than she is tall. The hand holds on the climbing wall posed a little trouble for this young lady.[/font]

[font=times new roman', times, serif]Didn't think they make it this difficult and wonder if any boyfriend would back sass this young lady in five years or more when she might start dating?[/font]

[font=times new roman', times, serif]Believe this is a new one[/font]


[font=times new roman,times,serif]Don't believe this is a typical stage and wonder if I could even complete it???!![/font]


  • Snidely WhiplashSnidely Whiplash A legend in his own mind.
    Evidently there is a more athletic version of 3-gun matches to be found. The web site http://www.purgatoryflatsmg.com/ wasn't resolving tonight, but I found another interesting link: http://www.recoilweb...er-2-70179.html

    "The Ironman 3 Gun match is a very hard high round count match that has been running since 2000. The stages take up to seven minutes to complete, the minimum round count is around 1,000 over the course of 10 stages, and interesting physical challenges are incorporated into the stages. These elements have brought out a different breed of competitor than you will find at many other 3 Gun Matches. Trooper Division was added in 2005 for those seeking an even greater challenge. Equipment in Trooper is completely unlimited, but shooters must carry all their guns, gear, and ammo from stage to stage. Substituting guns or repairing broken ones is not allowed unless the competitor carried it with them them whole time. Shooters having to drop out for broken guns, running out of ammo, or injury is fairly common; there has never been a year where 100% of the Troopers finished the match. In the 11 matches that have featured Trooper, only 2 female competitors have finished the match in this division, and no junior females even attempted it... that is until the 2015 match. "

    JJ, if you're considering trying a match like this, you might want to warm up by shooting a cowboy match without a gun cart. Just put your ammo and kit into saddlebags and tie two scabbards to them. image/thumbsup.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thumbsup:' />

    If you visit the page, be sure to scroll down to see her shot shell carriers. They don't look SASS-legal but they are impressive!

    I'm not a fan of Farcebook, but Purgatory Flats appears to have a page on it:


    Snidely Whiplash
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