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ISRA Thursday Bulletin

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ISRA Thursday Bulletin - January 7, 2016


On Saturday, January 2nd President Obama wasted no time announcing his attack on gun owners and the Second Amendment. One thing we all must never forget is the anti-gunners always say they do not want to ban firearms. I have been involved in preserving the Second Amendment for a long time. I can tell you that no matter how they say it, how much frosting they put on it, no matter how much they deny it, the anti-gunners want to ban every fire arm - period.

Another troubling statement was that the White House has a team of attorneys looking for ways to get around the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the United States to guide the President when issuing Executive Orders. What kind of administration do we have that actively strives to circumvent the will of the people; furthermore, what kind of attorneys are these that are complicit in destroying the rights of American citizens for the sake of political agendas? What else are they up to that we have no idea about? Questions which we all should think about.

Right now, the gun owners of the United States are the anchor that is keeping the entire Constitution from being swept away. It is evident that we all must stick together and work harder than ever. I predict 2016 will be a very difficult year. Freedom cannot be won or maintained without personal sacrifice which includes you and me.

In 1816 a young gun maker built a rifle on his father's forge in Ilion Gulch, New York. Eliplatet Remington thought he could make a better gun than anyone else. To prove his point, he entered a shooting match. He came in second but, his gun was a hit and he began taking orders. E. Remington was in the gun business in the fall of 1816. We need to think about when 1816 was in the context of that time. 1816 was only 40 years after the beginning of the Revolutionary War and stories of marksman like Timothy Murphy were told and re-told. Murphy was the sniper who plugged British General Fraser at 300 yards and sent the British troops into disarray at the battle of Saratoga. In 1806 the Lewis and Clark expedition had returned and the idea of the western movement abounded in the country. 1816 was only a year and a half after the battle of New Orleans in 1815 in which outnumbered Americans delivered casualties at nearly a 10 to 1 ratio over the British. Americans knew how important accurate rifles were. America was ready to move west and Eliplatet Remington had the right product and the right time to move with them. Congratulations to Remington on their 200th Anniversary.

On Wednesday January 13th the Illinois State General Assembly begins the spring 2016 session. We have to remember the President will be driving the legislative agenda. His agenda will be reflected in the Illinois General Assembly, so expect a lot of bills to be introduced in January and early February.

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