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CC at work

Couple days ago where I work, we had yet another temp worker have a close call nearly losing his hand in a press. short story is he got let go, no loss, nobody liked him anyway. Anyway, a couple hours after he left, my supervisor comes to me and asks if I was carrying. I tell him no, cuz it's not allowed, why? He says he is a bit concerned about the guy possibly coming back, concerned about safety. I asked if I could carry, cuz I would if I could. He didn't know.

Soo, today we had a safety celebration dinner for having 480 straight days with no record-able accidents. good timing, right? I asked the company president for a private word, and we discussed safety in the workplace regarding disgruntled employee's, and the recent workplace shootings, and being approached by my supervisor. He knows I am one of 2 employee's with a CC license, the other being on 1st shift, from Wisconsin (not sure if he can carry in Illinois)

Long story shorter, I was granted permission to carry at work. It's feels good to be trusted with the security of my fellow employee's, yet a bit scary too. It was agreed to keep it discreet, no one needs to know I'm carrying at work, even tho the majority knows I have the CC license.


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    [font=times new roman,times,serif]At the risk of getting political which is not the reason for my reply, WI licensed are not allowed to carry in IL, just ask Snidely. Illinois won't grant the license to cheese heads and won't honor Wisconsin's. Carried at work long before I got the license, but you have to be an owner to do it legally back then. Could they grant him some sort of infinitesimal amount of ownership to make it legal for him?[/font]

    [font=times new roman,times,serif]I'm making some assumptions here, that you're work place is in IL. That it is not posted and the reason they call it concealed is because you do it without showing. Not suggesting anything here, but you are allowed to "print" in IL without getting in trouble. Don't think this would be a good idea at work and requires a better or practiced carry that keeps it unknown from your fellow employees. The purpose of carrying at work would in my mind be compromised if it becomes common knowledge for your fellow employees.[/font]

    [font=times new roman,times,serif]Would perhaps have a few discussions with instructors like Denny and others about the added responsibility you're taking on along with looking at additional training that I believe Dice could make recommendations about. At a minimum you might want to become practiced at drawing from your current configuration and many ranges don't allow that at their facilities. If the physical part of your job is active I'm sure you realize how important retention of your gun is and again advise from someone who has carried for many years can be very helpful. Not meaning to lecture, but carrying while at work opens up a whole new dimension for your consideration and it would also be instructional to understand what your employer understands or expects from you doing this. Allowing you to carry could mean others might expect the same privilege if they find out that you are carrying and really I've thought there are some who have the license that I wouldn't be comfortable around in event they needed to draw their weapon.[/font]

    [font=times new roman, times, serif]I'm typing while thinking without filter so perhaps this should be in the form of a PM and not on the open forum. Restraint of tongue, pen, keyboard and send button has never been my strong suit. And my advice is worth exactly what you just paid for it. [/font]
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    Illinois doesn't recognize any other state's concealed carry permit and only residents of Hawaii, New Mexico, South Carolina and Virginia can apply for Illinois non-resident carry permits (a tough commute for a job in Illinois). People from Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana and the other 40 states are shit-outta-luck in the Land of Lincoln.

    I would want something more concrete than a word with the company President, something in writing and signed confirming permission before I carried concealed under the circumstances you describe. You also might want to check with your attorney about Illinois law regarding non-sworn, unlicensed security officers. You don't want to be for picketting by the International Brotherhood of Night Watchmen, Bouncers and Mall Cops, Local 183 or run afoul of some little known Illinois state regulation.

    Here in Wisconsin, I can't carry at work because it's company policy. I even pointed out to my supervisor that Wisconsin law specifically grants business owners immunity from litigation due to the actions of an employee carrying concealed, to no avail. Most company policies were written in stone (aka copied from boilerplate company policy forms) years before concealed carry became widespread. I'm sure insurance premiums were a big motive for banning concealed carry at work back in the dark ages.

    That probably won't change unless an organization with a big war chest, like the NRA, starts suing on behalf of workplace victims disarmed by company policy. I don't even think they would have to win any case - just keep filing and piling on the litigation debt on small to medium businesses until the bean-counters determine it becomes statistically cheaper to allow concealed carry than prohibit it.

    I would also get some specialized insurance/protection, just in case of an incident and the company's legal department deciding that hanging you out to dry is cheaper than paying for civil litigation awards made for the plaintiff (aka thief, scumbag, psycho ex-employee/vendor/lover, disgruntled terrorist and/or their surviving spouses, significant others, children, parents, 3rd cousins - twice inbred, etc). Check out DD's post: http://www.goodguysp...54&hl=insurance

    I can picture the motivational plaque in the break room now:


  • I am glad I posted this, many things I hadn't thought of. Thank you for your insight and input. Damn, nothing is simple.
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