2018 Match Dates Have Been Set!

April 22 - May 27 - June 24 - July 22 - August 26 - September 23 - October 28

Vote and Buy Some Hardware Tuesday

After voting Tuesday, don't forget to stop at the hardware store and pick up enough sections of PVC pipe and end caps to accommodate all of your firearms that you don't wish to turn in to the authorities next year. Remember to buy some PVC solvent cement to seal the tubes and desiccant to absorb trace moisture.

Snidely Whiplash


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    [font=times new roman,times,serif]Sadly the PVC sized to get scoped rifles or even without the scope is not to be found at the hardware store or purchased cheaply. For that matter the larger revolvers won't fit in even the larger stuff. [/font]

    [font=times new roman,times,serif]Unfortunately I like the way you think, but not sure about the how of the proposition. Actually it doesn't matter after that tragic boating accident where all the fire arms and bullion was lost.[/font]
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    The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer.



    Interior measures 7"diam., 12 1/2"h. Exterior measures 10"diam., 13 1/2"h.

    Sportsman's Guide non-member price $24.99

    Some review comments:

    Well made and well designed. Very happy. Made in USA.

    The are awesome. They have so many uses. We are not them jus for ammo needless to say.

    These are great, already have them "stored away" for possible future use.

    MTM Survivor cans, are tough and water resistant. Good for covert stash or geo caching.

    Hmmm... yeah, we're all geo-caching our "Vote for Billary campaign buttons". That's it, that's the ticket!

    Snidely Whiplash
  • Snidely WhiplashSnidely Whiplash A legend in his own mind.
    The larger pre-made containers are pricey. $159.00


    152S- 9.75" dia x 49.38" deep or 236S-12" dia x 34" deep.

    There is a wide range of PCV plumbing pipe in 6, 8 and 10" diameters. Perhaps someone in the building trades knowledgeable in PVC pipe specifications (schedules?) could check the wholesale prices of pipe and end caps?

    Snidely Whiplash
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    edited November 2016
    Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! © Jim Nabors

    I'm not celebratory so much as relieved. A lot less to worry about with Supreme Court Justice nominations and gun control legislation. I'm thinking Trump will get tired of all the work at the White House and resign just after his 1st State of the Union speech.

    I'm hoping Bubba is in the room when Billary finally snaps due to losing the election. Sometimes payback can literally be a bitch.

    Snidely Whiplash.

    P.S. Would anyone be interested in taking a semi-load of 8" PCV pipe off my hands? image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    [font=times new roman,times,serif]Here's dinner for many with a dessert of KARMA! I'm trying to let this sink in and perhaps the hell of the last eight years is now going to be visited upon the other side.[/font]
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