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Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD) is coming up on April 5th this year and for the first time in a long time, the ISRA is not going to sponsor charter buses to the event. The expense of these buses has become too great. This does not mean the ISRA does not welcome clubs, gun shops and shooting ranges to sponsor their own bus. The money is better spent in other ways to protect the Second Amendment in Illinois, such as a better alert system and, perhaps, litigation. There will be a local bus from the Prairie Capital Convention Center to the Capitol Building for those who have difficulty walking in the march. I hope to see you all there.[/font]


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    Yeah, I saw that on the ISRA Thursday Bulletin e-mail. I doubt that I'm going to go to IGOLD this year. It's one thing to ride the bus down there, and enjoy spending a few hours talking gun politics with the other riders, in addition to the rally itself. It's another thing to make the drive to Springfield by myself, to locate parking, and hope to find my car where I parked it at the end of the day. Attendance was notably down at last year's rally and I expect it will be even lower this year.

    I discovered the most recent change to the Illinois non-resident ccw permits law was to disallow residents of Hawaii, South Carolina and New Mexico to apply, and allow residents of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas to now apply. Madigan must have big campaign contributors or relatives in Virginia, they're still on the allowed list.

    I've pretty much given up on the idea that lobbying or displaying their arbitrary idiocy will cause Illinois legislators to change the law. I may just have to wait until state-wide economic collapse, or an overwhelming terrorist attack aimed at the Capitol means there is no law left to enforce gun laws, or hope someone with deep pockets takes Illinois to the Supreme Court (again) over this stupidity, before I can carry concealed in FIBland.

    Perhaps, if for next year's IGOLD rally, they ask people to bring their guns with them...
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