2018 Match Dates Have Been Set!

April 22 - May 27 - June 24 - July 22 - August 26 - September 23 - October 28

Happy Thanksgiving!

[font=times new roman,times,serif]Well that didn't work out well. I composed this list of some of the many things to be grateful for and in trying to edit I screwed it up, as usual.

So let me just say thanks to the posse who over the years have been a great support and example in the raising of the two medicos who will be home for this Thanksgiving.

Again, thinking that we all could construct a list of things to be grateful for - past, present and future.

Enjoy the day and live in the moment.[/font]


  • Coming out of a food coma now, and yes, Jim, we should be very grateful for everything.

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