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Colonel Carter's Mercantile

I'm not sure of the board's policy on giving plugs, but I happened across him in the Cowboy Chrolicle and paid him a visit last week in his Volo store. It was a good opportunity to see and try on some cowboy duds before buyin' em, unlike my other most recent online debacles with another vendor. He also does leather work and carries tools, too. His number is 847-270-0806.


  • dddd Gnome, gnome on the range!
    And a shameless plug it is, too!

    Seriously, there is no problem with posting your experiences with vendors - good and bad - in fact, we encourage it. Helps the rest of us know who to deal with. Now, I'd not like to see a two-page ad posted. Unless, of course, he was one of our sponsors and I don't think that's going to happen.

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  • Thanx, dd... ya never know about policies.. I just thought thst a local guy deserved a little boostin' up. Thank god for the little guyz, right? I just happen to think that we should support the locals, 'cause they have been bold enough to pay for the space to bring our kind of stuff to a place where we can actually touch it...
  • Muddy Gap ShootistMuddy Gap Shootist SHOOTIST of the finest kind
    I thought Colonel Carter's Mercantile closed and he moved to Arizona... Apparently not so. Where is he now located?
  • He's in one of those little office park startup places on commerce drive, in Volo. It's just south of Rt. 120. 26575 W. Commerce Drive, Unit 507...
  • Does anyone have an update on Colonel Carter? We thought we heard that he's closed and gone from the area. Thanks!!!

    And, Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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